Weddings are expensive enough. Perhaps it’s time to give yourself a break, and use a website instead of traditional invitations?

When we got married about ten years ago, my soon-to-be and I tried to do everything ourselves to cut on costs. Luckily, out of our peers, we were the first ones to tie the knot so everyone found our efforts charming. At least I think they did. As time has went on, weddings got more extravagant. Venues became quirkier, entertainment became more interesting and speeches started to resemble presentations. The only thing that seemed to be reducing in scale were the grooms’ hairlines.

One of our homemade contributions were the invitations. Simple homemade cards that were, thanks to me not being involved in the design, simple and tasteful. With each passing year, the invitations we received from others became more outlandish, expensive and attractive. I’m pretty sure that one year we received an invitation stitched onto a leaf? And then in 2012, we received our first emailed invitation. 

Since then more and more couples have saved themselves a lot of time and expense by moving away from paper invitations. Why?

Cost seems to be peoples’ main concern. Sending out an email is free. As for your wedding website, well if you’re paying more than £8 per month then you’re paying too much.

Time is the other limited expense when organizing your big day. Making your own invitations isn’t a quick job. For some people, tying ribbons and sealing envelopes is a pleasant way to wile away the evening hours; for others it’s an unwanted task and a source of stress. If you’re in the latter camp, your options are to pay for someone to make your invitation (and then we’re back to cost) or to find a website builder to make a web-page with all the information housed there for your guests to browse at their leisure. An invitation they can’t lose! Find an easy website builder and you’re looking at between 30 minutes and 2 hours to build something beautiful and functional.

So what about the content you can include in a digital invitation? You can include everything you would do in a paper one – schedule, list of accommodation venues, map, RSVP address. Except on a wedding website the accommodation list can contain links to the booking pages of the venues, a googlemap can be used to get directions while your guests are driving, and the RSVP is an email link – far quicker and more reliable than expecting people to post their replies.

You can also include a link to your wedding list, add photographs and include a forum for people to discuss their arrangements.

After the wedding you could even email your guests with a link to a ‘thank you’ site, that could include pictures of the big day.

So, if you want your guests to have a letter through the door and get tactile with your invitation, then you can’t beat the traditional posted invitation.

However if you want to save time and money as well as make it easier for your guests to RSVP, book their hotel and choose a gift, then go digital.

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