Don’t let your customers get lost in details, they have a simple need which you can deliver on.

As we explained in our blog post about the benefits of a single page website, a well designed single page site can make more impact and control the attention of users in a way that content-heavy multi-page sites can’t manage. In a series of blogs we’ll look at different types of websites and examine what value a single-page brings over multi-page for specific uses.

We’re feeling peckish, so this week we want to talk about restaurants

Let us paint a picture for you… you’re in town. You want a bite to eat but haven’t made plans. You use your smartphone to google what restaurants are in your area. You want to know what’s on the menu and make a judgment on whether it appeals, either through pictures, reviews or just how they present themselves. What you don’t want is to waste your time looking round the site, waiting for pages to download or, (shudder), having to download a PDF of a menu.

This is an area in which small restaurants have an advantage over chains. A chain restaurant will have a behemoth of a site for the group, with postcode search to locate the restaurant. Someone at head office has decided what they need are email addresses for marketing, so they’ve given prominent position to their mailing list. There might even be an app for you to download and never use. Different features that all have one thing in common – they weren’t designed for your simple need – to make it easier right now to choose where to eat.

A simple problem demands a simple solution:

A layout that focuses on photographs of beautifully presented food, a menu, contact details for booking and where to find the restaurant. Maybe you have a philosophy that you want to tell people about? This is best achieved on a smooth scrolling single-page. Take your customers on a journey, show them how good the food looks, tell them what they can have, tell them where to find it and make it easy. Something that shows you care about what you do – your passion will leap off the screen.

So now you know what you need, try building it. Cindr is our website builder. It’s free to set up a site. You might surprise yourself by how quickly you can create something beautiful.