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Category: What’s New?

What’s new on Cindr?

A bunch of new stuff has just been released? Want to know about the best bits?

  • You can now sell on Cindr! We’re really happy to announce that you can use Cindr to sell directly using our 1 click PayPal purchasing Blocs.
  • New Cindr Free Blocs. We always try to introduce some new Blocs with every release for our Cindr Free users to try out. Our favourite is the new header Bloc.
  • Premium Blocs. We’ve introduced a range of Blocs for users of Cindr Premium including dedicated price list and menu Blocs.
  • Social Media Sharing. We’ve introduced controls for you to easily share your site on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Simplified the account area. Less clicking to get you to where you need to be.
  • For a more exhaustive list of changes, click here.


Don’t have a Cindr site, then for goodness sake get to and put that right! Start building using our free website builder- there’s no signup required until you publish…


New Features Update!

Cindr is our free website builder.

The improvements and features are coming in thick and fast.
Pop over to Cindr to have a play on our latest release. Brand new changes include:

  • Bloc Navigation. Allow people to jump straight to a particular part of your site with our simple new navigation function!
  • New Blocs! You wanted some new Blocs including a parallax statement Bloc. We’ve delivered.
  • Tutorial for new users. Or old users who want a crash course.
  • More choice of fonts. Three new google fonts added to Blocs.
  • You can find all the release notes here.

How are the changes? What else would you like to see? Let us know!

Thanks for being interested!

New Features on Cindr!

Cindr is the free website builder that we make. Our aim is for everyone to get online and create their own website, whether it’s for a new business or whatever throwaway idea they might have.

We’ve made some big improvements to make it easier and better than ever. The most exciting things are…

  • Loads of brand new Blocs! Seriously… loads, 45 in total including Headers, Content, Team, Statement, Contact and much more.
  • Re-designed Bloc controls. Making changes to your Blocs just got even easier with a totally overhauled user interface.
  • Real-time Bloc styling. See the colour, font and image changes happen instantly as you make them, you’ve never used anything like this before.
  • Ready-made Bloc Stacks. Not sure where to start? We’ve created some suggested layouts, available with a single click. (two of them pictured above)
  • Randomisation. Not sure how to lay your site out? Not sure what colour scheme to use? Let the gods of chance decide for you..

Full details of every little bit of work we’ve done can be found here.

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