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Category: Release Notes

Version 2.7

  • Changed billing currency to USD ($)
  • Reduced monthly cost of Premium from £4.99 ($7.03 at todays conversion rate) to $6
  • Added PayPal as a billing option alongside card
  • Added automated password recovery option to login
  • Email verification now required upon signup
  • Added voucher option to Premium upgrade
  • Fixed an issue where a particular PayPal Bloc would not pass the Product name to PayPal
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Version 2.5

  • Live Bloc Stack preview allows new users to preview what it will look like across devices.
  • Image compression. We now compress uploaded images so your Cindr site loads even faster.
  • Small bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 2.2

Video? Facebook? Yeah, we’ve been busy!

You can now easily add Youtube clips or Facebook videos to Cindr sites with our 4 Video Blocs. We’ve added Facebook Like and Share buttons to some of the existing Footer Blocs so you can get people to spread the word about your site and increase traffic. 

You can now interact with your users with our Comments Bloc. This allows people to leave comments on your site using their Facebook profile.

We have also introduced the ability to save versions of the site before deciding to publish.

We’ve also written this article about the different types of video content you can add to your site!


  • Video Blocs (Facebook and Youtube) added.
  • Facebook Like/Share Buttons added to Blocs
  • Facebook Comments Bloc added.
  • Save, Open, Publish and View functionality.
  • Duplicate Bloc functionality.
  • Jiggery-pokery to the application that you won’t notice but will make you happy without ever knowing why.

Version 2.1

This release is all about our tutorial for first-time users. Previously we had a short series of videos, but we wanted something more interactive that got our new users to experience the simplicity of the interface and get the buzz of creating as soon as possible.

We think we’ve cracked it with our walk-through tutorial that gets people to add a Bloc and make style and content changes to it. We want everyone to experience the thrill that comes when you’ve built a beautiful site and it feels like we’ve just moved one step closer to our goal.



  • Added a tutorial for first time users.
  • Added a new header Bloc.
  • Added some subtle animations to certain UI elements.
  • Some small bug fixes and tweaks.

Version 2.0

  • Redesigned UI, we’ve made Cindr even easier, faster and more intuitive to use.
  • Re-wrote the Cindr application core to improve performance and enhance user experience.
  • 6 fantastic new Bloc Stacks to get new users started.
  • 7 bold new Header Blocs.
  • 3 colourful new Content Blocs.
  • Added subtle new animations to certain Blocs.
  • Redesigned the default styles for many of our existing Blocs.
  • Streamlined our signup process.
  • Added confirmation to any function that remove Blocs.
  • Redesigned login and signup areas.
  • Fixed lots of small bugs.
  • Added a meme Bloc. Why? Because we can

Version 1.4b

  • Added text alignment option to Text Blocs (ability to align text in all other relevant Blocs coming up next…).
  • Updated application fonts.
  • Updated Font Awesome to version 4.4
  • Small UI tweaks

Version 1.5

  • Cindr is officially now out of beta. Thanks to everyone who provided valuable feedback during our beta phase!
  • You can now signup and login to Cindr using your Facebook account.
  • 4 fantastic new Bloc Stacks to get new user started. Many more to follow soon…
  • Improved the look and feel of the Bloc Stacks selection screen.
  • Added 2 new header Blocs, 6 new content Blocs and 1 new text Bloc.
  • Improved the way Cindr Free users can interact and identify Cindr Premium Blocs.
  • Added confirmation to logout.
  • Made some minor changes to our UI to improve consistency.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in the content duplication controls being duplicated.
  • Made some significant performance optimisations to our API.

Version 1.3b

  • Improved architecture monitoring.
  • Many refactoring and optimisations changes.
  • Improved how 3rd party fonts are imported into the Cindr application.
  • Small changes to the tutorial

Version 1.2b

  • We’ve added 7 brand new ‘Pay with PayPal’ Blocs that enable 1 click PayPal purchasing, allowing your users to purchase products on your Cindr site quickly and easily.
  • Introducing Premium Blocs. We will be rolling out a number of Premium Blocs, available to Cindr Premium users, that will hook into third-party services allowing you to extend the functionality of your Cindr site.
  • Added social sharing to Cindr UI allowing you to easily share your website on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.
  • Improved our upgrade journey making it simpler for you to subscribe to Cindr Premium.
  • Added 2 new Premium Content Blocs. These price-list Blocs utilise new content duplication functionality, allowing you to create and edit a price list or menu in seconds.
  • Added 2 lovely new non-premium content Blocs.
  • Added a bold new header Bloc.
  • Added content duplication options to selected existing Blocs.
  • Added basic social meta tags to published sites.
  • Streamlined our on-boarding process.
  • We’ve added an audio track to our video tutorials.
  • Uploaded images now align properly.
  • Added a preview pane to Site Title & Description settings allowing you to see what your meta info looks like in search results.
  • Made it even faster for new users to sign up and publish their website.
  • Small UI updates and improvements.
  • Improved our server architecture to ensure Cindr is faster and more stable.
  • Depreciated the existing product content Bloc as we have now introduced Pay with PayPal Blocs which use a similar layout but integrate with PayPal.
  • Restructured a stack of code to help us sleep better at night.
  • Moved Cindr settings into the main application to cut down on load times, streamline the process of updating settings user experience.
  • A lot of bugs fixed.
  • Created a super-sexy looking animated loading icon. Then we put it in the trashcan. Cindr is so fast is does not need loading icons

Version 1.1b

  • Added Bloc navigation feature
  • Added 3 cool new Blocs
    • New slim header Bloc
    • New two column content Bloc
    • New parallax statement Bloc
  • Added 3 new Google fonts, Open Sans, Arvo and Lobster
  • Removed the fonts that sucked
  • Added video tutorial to help you get started
  • Made it quicker and easier for you to add your site SEO meta info
  • Small UI improvements
  • Squashed some bugs
  • Hoovered, dusted and polished

Version 1.0b

  • Completely overhauled Bloc UI. We have simplified and improved the entire early beta UI to make Cindr work across devices like nothing you have used before.
    • New Bloc controls
    • Refined inline editing options
    • Bloc font selection
    • Bloc font colour selection
    • Background colour
    • Background colour transparency
    • Background image
    • Send Bloc to top
    • Send Bloc to bottom
    • Randomise Bloc colours
  • Real-time Bloc editing. Change colours, transparency, fonts etc and see the changes update instantly.
  • 45 all new Blocs
    • Headers (7)
    • Content (6)
    • Team (4)
    • Statement (8)
    • Text (8)
    • App (3)
    • Contact (4)
    • Footers (5)
  • All new context menu. Quickly access
  • Preset Bloc Stacks. 3 preset stacks to get you started.
  • Intelligent Random Bloc Stack generator. Allow Cindr to generate you a Bloc Stack based upon a random image. It will then analyse the image and create a complementary palate and apply that to your Bloc Stack.
  • Advanced Bloc settings making it easier to change setting such as GoogleMap location. These can now also be accessed by simply clicking/tapping the
  • Revert to last published. Undo your changes by simply reverting to the last published version with a single click.
  • Improved UI performance, client-side rendering has made our new UI unbelievably fast.
  • Improved user facing application speed by more than 200% (ie the speed at which your website loads).
  • Literally hundreds of bug fixes and tiny tweaks and improvements.
  • A big dose of love and passion for what we do

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