Last week we started to create Cindr profiles on some of the many sites and services that are there to help startups and new products get noticed. First stop, Product Hunt, here is our review.

After spending the last 18 months with our heads down developing Cindr we needed to start shouting about what we had made, and have been massively impressed with how Product Hunt has helped us to do that.

We got an invite, submitted Cindr and hit HUNT IT.

So, what happened next?

Cindr was up-voted over 200 times and featured on the Product Hunt homepage. This in turn led to us receiving numerous organic reviews on sites around the globe. We have been working hard to try and keep the momentum up and in the last 8 days we have received over 1,000 new signups from the USA, Mexico, Germany, UK and India.

The are a few key things we found when using Product Hunt that make it so awesome. Lets look at them below:

  1. It’s very quick and easy to sign up and submit your startup / product / service etc (we are fans of speed and simplicity)
  2. We started to receive relevant feedback almost straight away, some of which has actually influenced part of our current development sprint. We took some early feedback about being able to preview our Bloc Stacks when signing up. We acted fast and that feature is now live.
  3. Great source of traffic. Product Hunt is hugely popular and got Cindr on people’s screens. We started to see a spike in traffic within minutes of publishing.
  4. The guys at Product Hunt tweeted about Cindr not long after we signed up and were also in touch via email throughout the week.
  5. The website is backed up by a great iOS app.
  6. It’s free. The best things in life always are.


Overall we had a great experience using Product Hunt. It has given us a traffic boost and got Cindr in front of people, which is exactly what we wanted.

To get started at Product Hunt visit and login with Twitter or Facebook.

If you’d like to check out Cindr you can, for free at