Setting up a custom domain

A custom domain is where you are using your own URL, as opposed to a Cindr URL. To illustrate: is a custom domain and is a Cindr URL. 

There’s nothing wrong with having a mycindr domain, but many people (businesses in particular) prefer to use a custom domain as it looks more professional.

You’ll need to point your custom domain at ‘‘, and register the name of your domain in ‘Custom Domains’ when you’re logged in Cindr. If you do this, your custom domain will display your Cindr site.

If you have no experience of using domains, then follow these steps:

1) Choose and buy your website address (domain) from a domain registrar

This is done by using a domain registrar such as Go Daddy, Euro DNS, Networking for All, 1&1, or 124-Reg. Tell them what you want your site to be called and they’ll typically find out what is available and give you prices for them. 

2) Log in to and enter your newly purchased domain in the custom domains area in  site settings and controls in the site menu. Make sure you prefix it with www.

3) Change the DNS entry with your domain registrar.

For this you’ll need to log into your DNS settings at the domain registrar site and create a new CNAME. You will be asked for a host target, which will be “” This points the domain at your Cindr site so the content is visible at that domain.

The exact process for this differs between domain registrars, so you’ll need to use their guidance about adding a CNAME. Here are some instructions from some of the household names in the domain business:  

Go Daddy


Networking for All, 


123 reg.

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