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Version 1.1b

  • Added Bloc navigation feature
  • Added 3 cool new Blocs
    • New slim header Bloc
    • New two column content Bloc
    • New parallax statement Bloc
  • Added 3 new Google fonts, Open Sans, Arvo and Lobster
  • Removed the fonts that sucked
  • Added video tutorial to help you get started
  • Made it quicker and easier for you to add your site SEO meta info
  • Small UI improvements
  • Squashed some bugs
  • Hoovered, dusted and polished

Why a single page website might be exactly what you need.

You’ve seen one-page websites everywhere but what are the benefits of having one?

Over the last few years, there’s been a significant increase in one page websites. During that time we’ve had a number of queries both from people considering a single page for their first website, and those thinking about downsizing their current site.

Multi-page sites have their advantages, but in a sense they’re a throwback to design of traditional print media, much like Window’s filing system follows the look and feel of using paper files. As users get more sophisticated, people are finding more efficient ways of presenting information, and thus user interface continuously progresses. Single-page websites (also known, confusingly, as pageless design) are simply another example of this.

Pages have their place, but should they be the default choice for a site? Here we explain why so many choose single-page sites.

Everyone likes a good story.

“Whoever tells the best story shapes the culture.” – Erwin Raphael McManus

Ever since one of our ancestors tried to convey a hard day at the office by drawing bison on a wall, mankind has been enjoying stories. A single-page site encourages the user to read from top to bottom, in order, which gives the site designer (you) an amazing opportunity to engage the reader with your story.

This puts you in complete control of the reader’s experience. You might want the reader to use your business or there may simply be a narrative to your message. Either way, if you can tell a story rather than drown people in information, then do it.

Don’t underestimate how natural this feels to your audience and, if done correctly, how much it extends peoples’ attention spans

It encourages simplicity.

The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in. – Henry Green

Ask anyone whose living depends upon effective communication, be it a magazine editor or marketing consultant and they’ll all suggest using the minimum amount of information to make your point heard.

Web design is no different and limitation can be the mother of creativity.

It’s so much easier for mobile users.

“Anything that is wasted effort represents wasted time.” Ted Engstrom

Fat thumbs, load times, and not knowing whether a link has worked are some of the joys of page navigating on a mobile. There’s a reason why Facebook uses infinite scrolling, it’s a far more intuitive way of reading on a mobile, keeps you engaged and is easier for touch-screen.

An engaged reader isn’t going to leave your site in a hurry.

Quick to build, easy to maintain.

Instant gratification is not soon enough.” – Meryl Streep

A single-page site can be created and published in minutes and there are fewer obstacles to maintaining it. You want people to enjoy your site as quickly as possible don’t you? You’ll have a site that is never out of date.

Do you reckon you could get your message across on one page? Want to try right now? Pop over to


New Features on Cindr!

Cindr is the free website builder that we make. Our aim is for everyone to get online and create their own website, whether it’s for a new business or whatever throwaway idea they might have.

We’ve made some big improvements to make it easier and better than ever. The most exciting things are…

  • Loads of brand new Blocs! Seriously… loads, 45 in total including Headers, Content, Team, Statement, Contact and much more.
  • Re-designed Bloc controls. Making changes to your Blocs just got even easier with a totally overhauled user interface.
  • Real-time Bloc styling. See the colour, font and image changes happen instantly as you make them, you’ve never used anything like this before.
  • Ready-made Bloc Stacks. Not sure where to start? We’ve created some suggested layouts, available with a single click. (two of them pictured above)
  • Randomisation. Not sure how to lay your site out? Not sure what colour scheme to use? Let the gods of chance decide for you..

Full details of every little bit of work we’ve done can be found here.

Version 1.0b

  • Completely overhauled Bloc UI. We have simplified and improved the entire early beta UI to make Cindr work across devices like nothing you have used before.
    • New Bloc controls
    • Refined inline editing options
    • Bloc font selection
    • Bloc font colour selection
    • Background colour
    • Background colour transparency
    • Background image
    • Send Bloc to top
    • Send Bloc to bottom
    • Randomise Bloc colours
  • Real-time Bloc editing. Change colours, transparency, fonts etc and see the changes update instantly.
  • 45 all new Blocs
    • Headers (7)
    • Content (6)
    • Team (4)
    • Statement (8)
    • Text (8)
    • App (3)
    • Contact (4)
    • Footers (5)
  • All new context menu. Quickly access
  • Preset Bloc Stacks. 3 preset stacks to get you started.
  • Intelligent Random Bloc Stack generator. Allow Cindr to generate you a Bloc Stack based upon a random image. It will then analyse the image and create a complementary palate and apply that to your Bloc Stack.
  • Advanced Bloc settings making it easier to change setting such as GoogleMap location. These can now also be accessed by simply clicking/tapping the
  • Revert to last published. Undo your changes by simply reverting to the last published version with a single click.
  • Improved UI performance, client-side rendering has made our new UI unbelievably fast.
  • Improved user facing application speed by more than 200% (ie the speed at which your website loads).
  • Literally hundreds of bug fixes and tiny tweaks and improvements.
  • A big dose of love and passion for what we do :-)


Who are we?
We are a small team who are (obsessively) dedicated to the development of Cindr.

What’s Cindr?
In short, Cindr is a website building tool. But let us elaborate…

It’s incredibly simple to use, and allows ANYONE to create a beautiful looking site. You don’t need experience, you don’t need to code, you don’t even really need to learn anything. You already know how to use Cindr the second you start. It’s that easy. Here endeth the selling.

Why Cindr?
The world needs it and we noticed, so we made it.

What’s the Blog about?
We’ll be using it for anything that comes to our collective mind. We’ll have details of new releases of Cindr, anything we think people might be interested in, and stuff we just want to get off our chest or shout about. We might talk about design advice, profiles of our users, reviews of tools, tech-chat, and any other rants and raves that pop up.

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