The benefits of a single page website

Over the last few years, there’s been a significant increase in one page websites. Here we explain why so many choose single-page sites.

Everyone likes a good story.

A single-page site encourages the user to read from top to bottom, in order, which gives the site designer (you) an amazing opportunity to engage the reader with your story.

This puts you in complete control of the reader’s experience. You might want the reader to use your business or there may simply be a narrative to your message. Either way, if you can tell a story rather than drown people in information, then do it.

Don’t underestimate how natural this feels to your audience and, if done correctly, how much it extends peoples’ attention spans

It encourages simplicity.

Ask anyone whose living depends upon effective communication, be it a magazine editor or marketing consultant and they’ll all suggest using the minimum amount of information to make your point heard.

Web design is no different and limitation can be the mother of creativity.

It’s so much easier for mobile users.

Fat thumbs, load times, and not knowing whether a link has worked are some of the joys of page navigating on a mobile. There’s a reason why Facebook uses infinite scrolling, it’s a far more intuitive way of reading on a mobile, keeps you engaged and is easier for touch-screen.

An engaged reader isn’t going to leave your site in a hurry.

Quick to build, easy to maintain.

A single-page site can be created and published in minutes and there are fewer obstacles to maintaining it. You want people to enjoy your site as quickly as possible don’t you? You’ll have a site that is never out of date.

This a short-form version of an article originally featured in our Blog. For the full article please go here.

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