Cindr makes navigation a breeze.  If you have more than one page we automatically create a navigation on your website.  To keep things simple we don’t show the navigation whilst you’re editing your site.  We also take care of how it looks and works so you have one less thing to worry about.

You can rearrange the order each page is shown in the navigation through the “Page Manager” found via “Select Page” from the Side Menu.

You can also add navigation within the current page.  This is ideal if you have either a single page website or a long page broken into specific sections.  These links appear under the main site navigation meaning people viewing your site will be able to navigate to a page and instantly jump to a particular Bloc/section you’ve named.

To add links to sections of the page, you simply need to name the Bloc you wish to be able to link to.  This is done by clicking the Bloc you want to name, accessing the additional options and typing the name you want in the navigation into the input.