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We've kept it nice and simple

Cindr is simple. In fact we think it's the simplest website builder available. We’ve left out all the complicated stuff. You can easily add text, photos, galleries, video, music and more in minutes. No technical skills needed.

Fast and easy

Cindr is fast, we mean FAST. We understand you need to create a website quickly, so you can spend your time doing the things you love. Cindr allows you to create a stunning website in minutes, not days.

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Beautiful across devices

Cindr works on the smart device you have to hand. You can update your Cindr website on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Your website looks beautiful no matter what device its viewed on.

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Make it yours

Customise your site without getting bogged down in complicated features. Cindr uses pre-designed Blocs that allow you to edit the position, colours, images and fonts with none of the complicated stuff.

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Join thousands of others already using Cindr.

Join thousands of others already using Cindr

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